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When to vaccinate your bully puppy

Puppies are to be vaccinated with 2 5 way parvo vaccinations at 5 and 7 weeks of age. The 9 way parvo vaccination should be given at 9 and 11 weeks, with the final two puppy parvo vaccinations being given at 13 and 15 weeks of age.

Allergic Reactions in American Bullies and Exotic Bullies

The biggest misconception is allergies are grain based. This just is a total myth. Allergies in bullies are all protein based. The meat in your dog food is whats causing the allergic reaction. Try changing your food to a different meat type. This will rid your dog allergies he or she is encountering. We personally feed all our dogs from puppy stage to grown up Lamb and Rice.  



Introducing my new bully puppy to our older pets

When introducing your puppy to house pets we recommend allowing the grown up to meet the puppy through a cage. Allowing both dogs to smell each other and get acclimated prior to seeing each other without some type of protection. A dog or puppy that is attacked can never be reversed once it happens. Best to use steps when introducing. Smelling each other first goes a long long way.

What type of Chew toys are best and worst for Puppy and Grown American Bullies and Exotic Bullies

Lets start with whats worst first. Raw hides. This is by far the worst chew toy for any dog period. As the stretch and can choke your dog. The number one way to lose a dog is via toys. Choosing the best toys for your pet are imperative. We recommend deer antlers or elk antler for your bully. As they are great for cleaning their teeth and keeping their breath fresh. The Elk antlers can last a very long time. Once they become 3 to 4 inches throw away. 

How do you know something is wrong with your dog

Behavior is the top indicator. If your dog isn’t acting like their normal happy self. Something is wrong. If their are lethargic, take to vet immediately.

Why is my bully not getting thick

First… Check your dog for parasites such as worms. Deworming shall be done every month with a bully or any dog for that matter.

Second… Genetics are never to be overlooked, Just because two bullies are bred together doesn’t mean the pups will be thick. Line-breeding, out-crossing, and in-breeding are all tools of an expert american bully breeder and exotic bully breeder. An expert breeder will know what to do over the years with their particular line of dogs. 

Third…. Like with any breed, there are breeds within a breed. Some displaying great examples of the breed and some being poor examples of the breed. It has and always will be about the genetics. Great genetics show up every time.